The Forbidden Rice: Black Rice Nutrition & Benefits on a Cup

Sanderm Wedang Beras Hitam

Black rice is an emerging functional food that rich of antioxidants and other active ingredients. Indonesia has several native black rice varieties. One that we use as the main ingredient has been the exclusive rice to be consumed by the royal family of Jogjakarta Sultanate. As many other native varieties, black rice could not respond to the chemical fertilization. Chemical fertilizer like Urea unexpectedly would decrease the yield. Yet they have natural resistance against the pests. Therefore, this rice must be organically grown according to ancient farming tradition.

The Forbidden Rice : You are what you eat

Our ancestors used to eat good foods. Their foods are full of medicinal properties, yet the tradition of culinary art. No wonder how they achieve their longevity and health. What we called functional foods is often their everyday foods. This is what we believed in Sanderm Farms. That we should revive the tradition of eating functional foods as everyday foods.

wedang beras hitam

We astonished about how far our modern life has deviated from our natural life. Just a little amount of natural food, like these black rice drink, consumed by many of our customer, could make a big difference in their health. Some of them even considering it as a medicine and use it for therapy. We surprised with their story. About how they recover from various cancers. How they lose their weight. Back to work again after healed the intestine bleeding. Give birth after 8 years of infertility. And so many other miraculous stories.

Makanan Untuk Diet

Makanan Untuk Diet

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